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The Finest Hour EP Coming Soon!

November 1st
The Finest Hour is ready. We got our stuff together and decided on what we want to do and the direction we want to go with our band. We have completely re-done our practice dojo and we are getting it ready for the song writing process.  We finished that project today, so now its on to the big project.  Like Alberto said below we are going to take all winter and possibly spring to write the next album.  It is going to be spectacular.  Im looking forward to starting the project.  We are quite eager beavers to get songs written and get into the studio.  Check back soon for more shenanigans.                                                 e_chooser

November 8th
Well alright! We finally have some recording dates set. The project will start on Nov. 19th.  Were going to record some drum tracks. Ahh yes, drum tracks, the building blocks.  Im quite excited.  Well let you know about more stuff as it happens.
October 31st
Thank you all for coming out to the elks show on saturday. We had a fun time and in my opinion i think it was our best performance to date. The Finest Hour is going to be taking a break from shows for awhile, but it sure as hell won't be down time. Aaron, Greg, and I are going to spend the next two months or so writing about 30 songs. Hopefully we will also be able to record with Dulcet soon. We are still looking for a permanent guitarist and are open to give anyone an audition. If anyone is interested in joining The Finest Hour, leave a message on this site or call me at 419-543-1754. Thanks to all that support us, and a special thanks to our good friend Brad who has helped us in a tremendous way. Thank you.
Ocotber 19th
The Gabe is no longer in the band and we are currently looking for a new guitarist if anyone is interested. We will still play the elks show thanks to our friend Brad from Between Two Halos who will be filling in until then.


The Finest Hour
Aaron Bard-Vocals/Guitar
Alex Gabor-Drums/Vocals
Greg Bosko-Bass

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